Remarkably soothing and so accessible, chamomile is the versatile ingredient that should be in every pantry.

The uses for chamomile are extensive and creative as it lends itself to a variety of applications for calming and soothing treatments as well as some very delicious drinks and desserts.

Not just a treat for the insides, chamomile can be administered topically to remedy minor ailments like skin inflammation and puffy and irritated eyes.

The recommendations are endless so here are just a few helpful applications for brewed chamomile tea...

Soothing Mouth Rinse:
Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile, mouth problems like ulcers, irritated gums and other sores can be soothed with just a quick mouth rinse. When gargled, chamomile mouth wash can help treat the inflammation of mucous membranes of the mouth and throat.

Just brew a cup of chamomile tea – use boiling water to ensure that the properties are fully released. Allow the flowers to brew until it has thoroughly cooled down and the infusion is nice and strong. Then simply rinse your mouth.

Calming Eye Treatment:
Don’t throw away used chamomile tea bags! Keep them in the fridge until they are nice and chilled and use them as mini, cold compresses for your eyes. These can be an absolute treat for tired and puffy and red eyes. Studies have demonstrated that the flavonoids of chamomile, which contain its anti-inflammatory and antiphlogistic properties, can penetrate deeper levels of the skin. This makes chamomile ideal for topical use and calming the eyes.

Cooling Sunburn Treatment:
Again, it’s all those valuable little flavonoids that are the source of healing in chamomile that we have come to love. If you’re planning a day outdoors, sun safety is a must, but as a backup, whip up some chamomile tea the night before and leave it brewing in the fridge. If required after your day out, pour the brew into a spray bottle so you can enjoy a soothing mist of chamomile for skin areas that received a little too much sun.

Not just enjoyable as a cup of tea, chamomile is a wonderous ingredient that offers a variety of uses. Keep a little extra on hand for a natural treatment that is sure to soothe.