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Why do I have a vitamin and mineral deficiency?

14th May 2015
Anthia Koullouros

Malnutrition is prevalent in modern society even though we consume an abundance of food, variety of food, fortified food and supplements. Our soils are supplemented, our plants are supplemented, our animals are supplemented and we are supplemented yet we may still be deficient.

Many people have nutritional deficiencies and the reasons for this are manifold and often interrelated. A nutritionally aware and holistic doctor or naturopath will consider the following questions with you:

  1. Are you eating enough? Eating disorders and dieting is extensive in modern times. The desire to be thin outweighs health. In this state, the body cannot function optimally and is depleted of nutritional reserves required during times of increased requirements such as stress or injury. This state can also accelerate the ageing process and lead to infertility.
  2. Are you eating foods but still deficient? Poorly sourced food that has been produced via industrial farming practices is devoid of nutrition. We are what we eat as is the soil, plants and animals. Nutritionally rich soil feeds our plants and animals and we eat them.
  3. Are you eating poorly prepared or highly processed foods? Processing of foods such as high temperature cooking not only depletes nutrition and destroys the enzymes and cofactors that support digestion and assimilation but also creates toxic cooking by products (new ingredients) which are pro inflammatory.

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