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What I want to feel in 2018? I believe this will help you too..

1st January 2018
Anthia Koullouros
Hello to you on the first day of 2018!
I want to begin this letter to year 2017. Thank you! I want to celebrate 2017 with gratitude even though it was at times impossible to live with. I believe sharing this with you may inspire you to get clear on what you would like 2018 look and FEEL like.
  • 2017 you were DIFFICULT! But thank you. How would I know what I know without such contrast. I can’t control all that comes my way as much as I put up barriers, play dead and distract myself with GOT but I can control how I deal with it and that it’s ok to crumble and pick myself back up again. Being an entrepreneur, creating financial independence whilst being ethical, sticking to my high standards, and being of service has been DIFFICULT! But I aim to use my experiences and curate an easier way without compromise.
  • 2017 you were PROTECTIVE! And I thank you. Mentors, Sisterhood and Magical experiences held me and kept me safe, secure and clear.
  • 2017 you were EDUCATIONAL! And I thank you. Podcast Masters, Authors, Generous and Experienced Humans so open to share and inspire, motivate and help me expand to mind blowing edges.
  • 2017 you were SWEET! And I thank you. I have a platform to do what I most love – help others heal, help others find freedom from disease in order to live a beautiful existence.
  • 2017 you were DIVINE! And I thank you. I spent most of the year feeling not-quite-right, questioning my choices and my direction – was I on the right path to fulfil my purpose – helping others heal, creating healthful products, inspiring wellness, freedom from disease? My uncomfortable feelings highlighted to me something wasn’t quite right. THIS WAS NOT HOW I WANTED TO FEEL! and HOW COULD I EFFECTIVELY DO MY WORK? I started to redesign my life, a new map, a new path, a better one and an easier one was. It was a strange experience. DIVINE intervention perhaps.

Here’s how I think it happened…

I connected with my purpose more deeply and with crystal clear alignment by getting clear on HOW I WANTED TO FEEL. I had forgotten my own personal needs, wants and desires. By feeling how I want to feel means my fears and anxieties can step aside (though I embrace them as gifts as they tell me something isn’t quite right) and I can be of greater service to you and be an example of holistic health.

AND I tapped into presence, universal consciousness, a deeper knowing, prayer, God, wisdom, whatever you want to call it (and please dont cringe.. I dont mean to sound so esoterical). It was a magical experience. It was a gift.

AND I know I had to experience the great difficulties and wrong choices to make a change and get back on track!

“I chose and my world was shaken. The choices were mistaken but the choosing was not”

I don’t know what came first. Not valuing my own personal needs, wants and desires.. perhaps..

So moving forward this is why I have decided to do in order to feel How I Want To Feel in 2018 and I believe it will help you too.

Two simple words – Desire Mapping  –  by Danielle Laporte. It has changed my world.

“Knowing how you most want to feel – and setting goals & intentions based on those cored desired feeling, is the most POTENT FORM OF CLARITY you can have”

I began half way through 2017 and it’s my daily ritual to keeping on my path, my purpose.

It’s an effective exercise to creating health and now one I implement with all my patients and clients.

I encourage to you buy THE DESIRE MAP as well as THE DESIRE MAP PLANNER 2018. Note: This is not a sponsored post.

Through some deep questioning Danielle will help you identify your CORED DESIRED FEELINGS aka CDFs.

Here are mine:

  1. Lion – hearted (brave, bold, bullet-proof, resilient, strong, self assured, leader, spirited)
  2. Quizzical (curious, interested, playful, creative)
  3. Graceful (benevolence, charity, service, LOVE, elegant, kindness, beauty, presence)
  4. Fastidious (high standards, selective, clear, clarity, honed in, focused)
  5. Provocative (motivating, inspirational)

“Inner attunement leads to outer attainment”

And then here’s the GOLD – from here I wrote my intentions and goals for 2018 as well as the actions I need to take to bring my CDFs and intentions to full life.

Each day in the planner she helps you check in to both – CDFs + Intentions.

My intentions:

  1. Earn more, share more and give away more  – become more biz savvy
  2. Make time for deep and loving relationships
  3. Travel & dive into different worlds
  4. Collaborate with the best
  5. Write my next book – it’s burning to be written
  6. Create a beautiful home
  7. Curate my Ovvio offerings

My actions:

  1. Live a curated life – be selective, clear, yes to less, consolidated, decluttered, organised and tidy
  2. Expand with knowledge, art, music and nature
  3. Love – letters of thanks, notes of kindness, gifts of grace
  4. Connect with my heart and intuition and speak my voice

Because my greatest joy and purpose in life is being of service to you and helping you experience freedom from disease I want to ask you want you would like more from me?

Please email if you have time answers to the following questions

  1. More letters from my heart?
  2. Biz advice? I’ve got 24 years experience as a naturopath, running my own clinic and creating a product company
  3. Specific health advice? How I treat Polycystic Ovarian syndrome or Gut Dysbiosis
  4. Workshops on teas and elixirs, blending, treating diseases, creating health?
  5. More e-books on specific ailments

As a thank you, I am offering you, today only 40% off Summer Pineapple Iced Tea. Simply purchase online and a discount will be automatically given.

And one last thing before I go – My New Year Health Refresh 2018 ebook is now available to purchase online

“Begin as you mean to go on, and go on as you began”

In keeping with Desire Mapping my ebook will ask you this – how do you want to feel in order to create your ideal day, week, month and year 2018?

My ebook will help you get clear on how you want to feel in all aspects of your life – Work, Health, Creativity, Relationships, Lifestyle and Spirituality rather than what you need to achieve so the pursuit becomes more satisfying and you may just find yourself going after different things, in a different way. Get clear on how you feel now in each area so you know what needs to change.

What else is included:

🍍Healthy Eating Plan – Principles from my book I am food – Eating your way to health
🍍What to include each meal for optimal nutrition
🍍A New Year refresh day of healthy eating
🍍Intermittent fasting for fat loss
🍍Summer Seasonal Produce Guide
🍍Summer Pantry Guide
🍍Basic Summer Recipes 101
🍍How to stay healthy over the festive holiday
🍍Detoxifying herbs to get you new year ready
🍍Taking care of health everyday
🍍Practicing Gratitude
🍍Printable – Inspiring Quotes
🍍35 pages

“Let’s celebrate that we are still alive, that we won, that we lost, that we feel, that the wind carried a message of hope, that the breeze carried the perfume of spring, that the sunset was mauve & golden umber, that we suffered, that we forgave, that we loved, that we remember, that it rained and all music & art was intended just for us. Let’s celebrate our laughter breaking through our tears”.
Sincerely and with love,
Anthia  xxxx