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Truly Grateful for a stressful period in my life that inspired my desire to shake things up!

21st September 2017
Anthia Koullouros


I’ve decided to shake things up. I want to create a different kind of newsletter and blog. One that truly inspires you, moves you, changes you, educates you in all matters of health & happiness. I want to distill my message (if you haven’t already heard it…. I’m always here to remind you of what you already know… that good health is the ticket to a spectacular existance and getting there should be simple, instinctual, beautiful, natural).

  • Simple: clear, focused, easy to implement, easy to read,  O! It’s that easy!
  • Instinctual: commonsense
  • Beautiful: a Libran like me loves aesthetically pleasing things. But for too long I felt guilty. Was the desire for beautiful things being frivolous? An article written by Alain de Botton changed this for me. Beauty is how you attract people to your idea or product. Like bees to flowers. Through beauty, with repetition and ritual, you can change the world. Read more here
  • Natural: from nature, flora, fauna

I want my newsletter and blog to be personal, passionate and emotional because this is who I am and it’s how I connect with my patients, my clients, my customers, with you (and I’ve noticed the more I am this way, the more you connect with me).

Sure, I will be sharing our latest specials, new products, new offerings because this is what we do. We provide honest, natural and considerate remedies that don’t hurt the earth. They are our messengers of Good Health.

It’s also a shout out and a round up of our latest news!

But mostly, I will be sharing what has given me health, what has helped my patients, our clients, our customers, our wholesale stockists, and people I meet everyday whether at a talk or at yoga.

I want our newsletter and blog to bring Good Health to the world, starting with you.

Truly Grateful for a Stressful Period in my Life.

I recently came out of a very stressful period (the kind of tough stuff that shreds you apart and turns you inside out). What actually happened doesn’t matter, as we all go through tough stuff…tougher stuff in fact. I kept up appearances and compartmentalised my situation. I chose to keep working and living. I’m not telling you this for sympathy. I’m sharing my experience because if you are going through a stressful situation I hope it can help. I am simply passing on what was passed on to me.

Tim Brown, my meditation teacher said, “Choose to believe. Don’t sit on the fence”. In other words, the universe has your back. You are truly supported. When I wholeheartedly “chose” during that stressful period, my whole world changed. I chose to trust and believe I was supported. From here I was able to keep the movie rolling without as much fear (and fear can be harrowing at times). I was ok with not knowing what was going to happen next and I was open for any outcome. I was able to let go of my identity and my fixed ideas and feel the freedom of possibility. Little signs crossed my path – people, situations, thoughts, ideas, music… You know the kind of thing I’m talking about…timely coincidences or maybe…some divine intervention.

I also chose to be truly grateful.

I was truly grateful for that stressful period. And I would choose to go through it again for the journey of learnings and magical outcome. No money can buy that.

My personal learnings.. now scored in every cell of my being.

  • Listen to my instincts.
  • Never lose my voice.
  • I know what’s best for me.
  • I always have a choice.
  • I’m totally supported.
  • The universe (or something) has my back.
  • Meditation helps me see the whole picture.

My gratitude grew to an everyday practise. 

I’m truly grateful for so many things.

I’m truly grateful for this divine life. Miracles happen.

I’m truly grateful for Tim Brown. Eternally grateful for the gift of meditation.

I’m truly grateful for yoga and my golden teacher, Kate Kendall.

I’m truly grateful for Danielle LaPorte. No one says it better.

I’m truly grateful for my nearest and dearest who stayed close to me.

I’m truly grateful for the ‘sisterhood’. Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.

I’m truly grateful to be the guardian of Ovvio. This is how I see myself. I may be the founder and owner but I see the energy that creates it as something that existed before me and will continue to exist after me. I love it beyond words.

I’m truly grateful for my tenacious, passionate, stubborn and “never give up” attitude. In Greek they call it ‘yinati’. I get this from my mum and grandmothers.

I’m truly grateful for security, safety and the choice of good food.

I’m truly grateful for ‘good health’ a solid foundation that helped me stay centred and strong and saved me from Burn out.

And I’m truly grateful that I can help others who are struggling.

Sometimes I’m just truly grateful when my email doesn’t land in a patient’s junk box.

The world is a tough place but gratitude and trust opens up a world of beautiful possibilities.

I hope this helps you, even if just a little.

With love,

Anthia x