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My Top 10 Festive Holiday Health Tips

1st December 2017
Anthia Koullouros

1. Ham, turkey & the usual suspects

Are you making healthy and ethical meat and poultry choices this Christmas? Words from my friends at Feather & Bone. Source whole, pasture-raised livestock directly from farms committed to genuinely sustainable soil, plant and animal health. Animals should live all or the majority of their lives outside, ranging freely in family groups on sustainably-managed pastures. The farmer should practice regenerative agriculture and use various natural systems for achieving optimum soil fertility, including rotational grazing and fostering plant diversity. They don’t use chemical growth promotants, pesticides, fertilisers, herbicides or prophylactic antibiotics. This equates to healthy and nutritional food for us.

What else should you consider? Have you ever seen the ingredients of your stuffed turkey or glazed ham? An exercise worth doing. You may find emulsifiers, preservatives, antioxidants, colours, flavours, MSG, refined salt and refined sugar. Read and ask before you buy.

Wishing you all a beautiful, festive holiday period…