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8th February 2018
Anthia Koullouros

Our Naturopath, Rachel Weaver has written this great article for parents of teenagers.


Are you the parent of a teenager? I have literally just become one. My older son just turned 13 and by sheer coincidence, I have also been seeing an increasing number of teenagers in my clinic.

This has sparked an increased focus for me in the area of teenage health because once again through first-hand experience, I feel compelled to delve into this area further to not only better understand my own teenager, but also to assist both parents and teenagers alike with their health too.  And it’s fascinating, daunting, exciting and utterly overwhelming all at the same time – that just describes me as a parent let alone the kids themselves.

As everybody knows, puberty hits in teenage years and brings with it a huge array of changes both physically and emotionally.  It’s a roller coaster ride and one that eventually you hope they get off with everything still intact – a positive frame of mind, a healthy body and the unwavering belief that they are amazing individuals.

As children go through the transition to adulthood (which takes years), there can be some really tough times for teens coming to terms with balancing the need to stay close and remain under the care and guidance of their parent and the need for independence.  Coupled with changes in appearance and fluctuating moods, it’s little wonder that support is critical from a variety of sources.

So where to start? Where do teens even begin to come to terms with their changes in their own bodies as well as effectively try and communicate (!) this to their parents?

Rather than try and tackle all the big questions at once, I’ve decided to develop a stepping stone to Teenage Health by putting together my Ten Top Tips for Teenage Health to get started.  From there, I will be guided by the needs of my patients, my son’s peers and their parents and welcome you to come on the journey with me.

Key areas will include:

  • Understanding the basics – yep, what is actually going on in their body?
  • Key nutrients for teens – what’s needed and why
  • Food for fuel
  • The importance of sleep
  • Being active – why is exercise critical?
  • Hormonal health
  • Skin breakouts
  • Self love
  • Social connection
  • Managing painful periods
  • Mental health and moods

So if you’re the parent of a teenager and need some support with their health, keep an eye out for my Ten Top Tips for Teenage Health and future ramblings.  You can also book a one on one consult with me at Ovvio. Call 9380 7863.

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