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[ Remedy Thyself ] Create A Tea Apothecary At Home

17th April 2018
Anthia Koullouros
Acne Derma- Kleanze (only available via the Paddington Store as a refill)
Allergy C-Strength Citrus
Anxiety Clarity Sage, Sacred Calm, Chamomile Days
Bloating Peace Bambino, Nourish Tummy, D-Tox Bitters
Breast feeding (encourage milk flow) Peace Bambino
Burning urination Pure Flush (being reformulated)
Cold or Flu C-Strength Citrus, Winter Olive
Cold temperature Cinnamon Ginger Soul Tea
Constipation Happy Bowels
Cough, dry Marshmallow Soothe
Cramps Clarity Sage
Craving – Sugar Paddington, Minty, Rise & Shine, C-Strength Citrus
Detox / Cleanse D-Tox Bitters, Pure-ify, Happy Bowels
Depression Liberating Energy
Diarrhoea Nourish Tummy
Digestive D-Tox Bitters, Dandy Chai, Nourish Tummy,
Dry throat Marshmallow Soothe
Fatigue or Need Energy C-Strength Citrus, Rise & Shine, Minty, Liberating Energy
Fever Minty, Winter Olive
Fluid retention/Puffy Pure-ify
Focus Clarity Sage, Liberating Energy
Headache Clarity Sage, Peace Night, Sacred Calm
Hayfever Spring Elderflower, C-Strength Citrus
Hot flushes Clarity Sage, Minty
Indigestion Nourish Tummy, Dandy Chai
Infection C-Strength Citrus, Winter Olive
Inflammation C-Strength Citrus, Chamomile Days
Insomnia Peace Night
Irritability Clarity Sage, Chamomile Days, Sacred Calm
Itchy skin Chamomile Days, Spring Elderflower
Menapause Clarity Sage, Sacred Calm
Muscle or Joint pain Clarity Sage, Peace Night
Nausea / Morning Sickness Cinnamon Ginger Soul, Rise & Shine, Minty, Nourish Tummy
Overheated Minty
Pain Peace Night
Poor circulation Cinnamon Ginger Soul
Pre and Post Birth Raspberry Rose, Peace Bambino
Reflux Nourish Tummy, Chamomile Days, Marshmallow Soothe
Skin issues Derma- Kleanze (only available via the Paddington Store as a refill)
Sore throat Marshmallow Soothe
Stress / Need energy Rise & Shine, C-Strength Citus, Clarity Sage, Liberating Energy
Stress / Need to calm Peace Night, Chamomile Days, Sacred Calm
Tummy discomfort Nourish Tummy, Chamomile Days, Peace Bambino, Dandy Chai
Vomitting Nourish Tummy, Chamomile Days, Peace Bambino