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The Refill Revolution PRESS RELEASE

5th June 2018
Anthia Koullouros
Tea and wellness company Ovvio is shunning plastic and switching to sustainable alternatives to coincide with Plastic
Free July.
They’ll be one of the first Australian tea companies to embrace sustainable, compostable refill packaging, a move
founder Anthia Koullouros hopes will pave the way for industry change.
As part of their Refill Revolution, they’ve announced compostable refill bags, forever-use tea tins and a dedicated room
where customers can top up their teas, herbs and spices in bulk.
“Tea and coffee are the most widely consumed beverages in the world, with a huge environmental footprint” says
Koullouros. “Tea and coffee packaging are notoriously indestructible and laden with chemicals. I couldn’t reconcile
promoting healthy products which also harmed the planet.”
After years spent researching environmentally sound packaging that satisfied food safety, quality and consumer
standards, Koullouros discovered New Zealand brand Convex. Convex’s bags and wrappers, called Econic, are made
from renewable, plant-derived materials that compost effectively, unlike some biodegradables which fail to break down.
The logistical and financial challenges, says Koullouros, were no reason to shy away from sustainable alternatives.
“Plastic we throw away never really goes  away – it lives on in our food, our water, and our bodies. Moving away from
plastics at Ovvio, despite a little more cost and effort, is an extension of everything we stand for. What’s good for the
planet is good for us, too.”