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About Ovvio Tea

What goes into an Ovvio tea?

Whole ingredients that you can see; leaves, flowers, berries, twigs, bark and buds. Over 25 years of naturopathic, herbal and clinical expertise. Time-honoured blends of herbs and spices to cure what ails you. Pure, unprocessed, delicious and 100% organic tea, herbs and spices from around the globe.

What never goes into an Ovvio tea?

Artificial flavours, colours or chemicals. Artificial flavours posing as ‘natural’ (you know the type). Ingredients from unethical or irresponsible sources.


Need more reasons to love Ovvio tea?

Here are the unprocessed facts.

They’re 100% certified organic. (ACO No: 11326) No toxic or harmful herbicides, pesticides, fertilisers, weedicides and genetically modified ingredients are ever used in any Ovvio tea.

We go beyond organic. We’re committed to going one step further than organic by using the finest ingredients we can find. Every product or sample must pass our in-house quality and taste testing to ensure consistent, delicious results. (And we have very particular palates!)

Ovvio teas are wellness teas.  All therapeutically blended according to principles of traditional herbal medicine. Prescribed to patients for over 20 years by Ovvio founder Anthia – they taste as good as they are for your insides.

Every tea is unique. Each Ovvio tea has a point and a purpose. They offer a range of therapeutic benefits such as calming, energizing, increased clarity and focus, restoration and detoxification – and all support emotional, physical and mental health.

They remain as nature intended. We don’t process, add-to or adulterate our premium organic ingredients. Why would we? They’re naturally delightful! No artificial or imitation ‘natural’ flavours required.

What we don’t use – Nature identical flavouring agents also known as:

Natural flavours are obtained from natural ingredients with the aid of chemical processing. They are created to taste natural, they are less expensive to produce and they offer a consistent flavour. The problem is that they are a highly processed ingredient.

Artificial flavours are created synthetically and do not exist in nature. These include tea blends that smell like a food or experience or surroundings. NOTE: Teas, tisanes, infusions and herbal teas can all be created with a blend of inclusions as well as extracts or processed flavours so it is best to read the ingredients and educate our customers to do the same.

Ovvio teas are hand blended. By chefs, botanists and wellness experts – and packed with loving hands.

They’re 100% Australian owned and made. With environmentally conscious teabags.

Have you ever thought about what’s in your teabag?

When it came to putting Ovvio tea into cute and convenient pouches, we ran into a problem: most normal teabags are terrible!

Normal teabags: Are made from bleached paper, nylon or PET (polyethylene terephthalate). This cocktail of plastics and chemicals infuse directly into your tea and don’t break down in nature. Use fannings instead of high quality ingredients. Fannings are small pieces of tea that are left over after higher grades are gathered and sold. (Floor scrapings? No thank you.)

Ovvio teabags: Are 100% biodegradable and toxin-free, made from a delicate plant-based mesh that’s good for you and the environment. Are a conscious experience because you can see what’s inside! Go on, take a peek through the mesh and see whole leaves, flowers, berries, twigs, bark and buds. No second rate or processed ingredients; just whole, organic, premium herbs in a totally safe teabag. Ovvio teabags are our way of offering convenience without compromise. Steep long and enjoy the Ovvio tea you love, in a bag.

Minimising plastic and waste

✔ All Ovvio loose leaf teas will have their own beautiful forever-use tin. The tea in the tin is contained in a cellophane bag which are compostable.

✔ All Ovvio loose leaf teas will have their own compostable refill bag made from sustainably-managed plant-based materials.

✔ Top up on your favourite Ovvio products, using your own vessel, in our refill room.

Golden Leaf Tea Award Winners

Best Loose Leaf Herbal Tea (2 years in a row)

Gold – Flourish Tea – Loose Leaf Category (Same As Last Year – Ruby Heart Berry Tea)

Gold – Chai High Teabag – Chai Teabag Category

Gold – Pear Blossom Tea – Fruit Infusion Loose Leaf Category

Silver – Chamomile Days Teabag – Herbal Teabag Category

Silver – French Grey Tea – Black Tea Natural Blend Category

Silver – C Strength Tea – Fruit Infusion Loose Leaf Category

Bronze – Black Apple Orchard Iced Tea – Iced Tea Category

Bronze – Overall Tea Product Packaging