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Nurturing Nursing Mothers

27th September 2015
Anthia Koullouros

I was recently interviewed by The Meaning Of Grace about how to manage sleep deprivation, how nursing impacts your overall health and what to eat when you’re nursing.

They also offer our Ovvio Mother & Baby Collection of Organic Teas on their beautiful site.

Who are these beautiful people?

The Meaning of Grace was created by a new mum who struggled with the early months of breastfeeding, and came to understand the importance of feeling comforted and nurtured in this time.  A warming tea, a delicious treat, wholesome meals, a beautiful robe and a hot bath all take on special new meaning amongst the lack of time and sleep deprivation.

The Meaning of Grace concept is about gratitude, and moments of reflection.  It’s about acknowledging the small, fleeting sections of time that really matter.

The Meaning of Grace collection has been thoughtfully selected, with a focus on local, organic, philanthropic and environmentally-aware brands.  We adore every product in our lovely range of ‘nurturing gifts for nursing mothers’, designed to support women in what is probably one of the most challenging, rewarding and memorable periods of their lives.

Are you a pregnant or nursing mother? Read on

The Meaning Of Grace Website