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In the Media

NO:04 The O Health Declaration Monthly Newsletter July 2018

19th July 2018
Anthia Koullouros

THANK YOU FOR JOINING a growing number of Ovvio Organic / Anthia Koullouros Naturopathic Health Devotees and Enthusiasts committed to improving health as a collective through simple, positive and powerful changes.



I choose Health, Every day. Not because I should, but because I Love it and it Feels Good.

I choose what’s Simple, Delicious, Honest and True.

I choose to feel Energetic, Excited, Curious and Educated.

I choose Remedies from Nature and Food as Medicine.

I choose Old-School Wisdom for Modern People.

I choose Non-Toxic Body, Home and Lifestyle Products.

I choose Whole, Organic Ingredients.

I choose Ethical Farming.

I choose to Support Local Producers.

I choose Seasonal Eating.

I choose Cultural Cuisine.

I choose to Sidestep Gimmicks, Dietary and Wellness Fads.

I choose Food Cooked, and Shared, with Love.

These choices Positively Change my Mind & Body, and the World.

I seek to Know the Why of How I Feel and Believe it is Possible to Heal Myself.

I Allow my Joy and Love to come through.

7 Simple, Positive & Powerful Ways To Contribute To Your Health & The Health Of Others This Plastic Free July.


Business Recycling. Can you believe that only 9 percent of all plastic is recycled? Such a small percentage for an activity that can have an important impact on the pollution of our planet. Want to make a difference in your work place? The Business Recycling site makes recycling at work easy and lists recycling options for around 90 different materials. This is an incentive brought to you by Planet Ark. Their “War On Waste Toolkit For Business”, has all the essential tips and tools that can get your organisation reducing waste, saving money and improving staff morale. Check it out here This is not sponsored, just love.


Get creative and make or give plastic free toys to children made out of natural fibres and chemical free wood. We recently discovered this wonderful site dedicated to the magical world of children, a place for parents to keep this magic alive by providing children with opportunities for open ended, creative, imaginative play. It looks like so much fun as well as being earth and human friendly. Also a great way to bring joy into adult lives. Find out more here  This is not sponsored, just love.


“We ALL live on Mother Earth. Mother Earth supports and provides for us by giving us food, water, shelter, and physical life. She provides us all the tools for us to heal ourselves; for all we really need is in nature. Mother Earth is our home during this lifetime; she is the container that holds us all. I wish I could say that we have been supportive of Mother Earth in return. But the truth is, we haven’t. And if we don’t change our ways, we will continue to damage THE thing that supports our physical lives.  To create change, we need to work together. You might say “How can I make a difference, I’m just one person?” I’m here to tell you-you can make a difference. Here’s why: Just like our life is created entirely of small moments taking place in the present, every action we make adds up. Every moment builds upon each other and creates our lifetime. Every action we make as an individual and as a collective ripples out and makes an impact on this planet. It’s never a ME, but always a WE”. These beautiful words are by Sara Monk of Awakened Soul Perspective This is not sponsored, just love.


We are all feasting on plastic. Plastic we throw away never really goes away – it lives on in our food, our water, and our bodies. It’s virtually indestructible. Rather than breaking down, plastics simply become smaller and smaller, microplastics become nanoplastics, but they are all plastics, just of increasingly smaller size, polluting the environment, choking wildlife, allowing them to be more easily ingested and eventually re-entering our food supply and drinking water in a cyclic process. Images of rubbish-streaked fields, floating rafts of junk, and unlucky birds caught in bags are a daily heartbreak. Microscopic plastic particles pepper our seas and fill the bellies of livestock. Find out how plastics are affecting your hormones, fertility, liver, kidneys, heart, metabolism, sleep and so much more.


Have you heard about our Refill Room part of our Refill Revolution!! As well as our Ovvio Organic Teas, Ovvio Organic Herbs & Spices are available from the Refill Room. Bring your own jar fill up or we can provide you with a paper bag. This includes all your favourite blends: Mexican, Provincial, Grecian, Tuscan, Sunday Roast, Oriental, Indian as well as our singles Cinnamon, Turmeric and Stevia powders.


Reduce your toxic load. This includes chemicals added to your food such as preservatives or colours, the chemicals found in the packaging such as BPA in plastics and the chemicals that are used to grow our food such as pesticides and weedicides. Cumulative exposure over time is especially difficult to study, as different combinations of exposures can have different effects, and the possible combinations are seemingly endless, given the number of chemical products that are out there. One recent assessment by the National Food Institute at the Technical University of Denmark found that even small amounts of chemicals can amplify each other’s adverse effects when combined. As reported by the Institute: “A recently completed, four-year research project on cocktail effects in foods… has established that when two or more chemicals appear together, they often have an additive effect. This means that the cocktail effects can be predicted based on information from single chemicals, but also that small amounts of chemicals when present together can have significant negative effects.” Reference Here are 10 ways you can reduce your exposure to chemicals, go here



Here at Ovvio we absolutely love composting! So much so that we created an Ovvio Tea Compostable Refill Bag to fill your Ovvio Tea Tins. Ever wondered how and what to compost, the difference between composting and worm farming and how to get a massive discount on both compost bins and worm farms from your local council, check out our blog here. This is not sponsored, just love.