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NO:02 The O Health Declaration Monthly Newsletter May 2018

8th May 2018
Anthia Koullouros

THANK YOU FOR JOINING a growing number of Ovvio Organic / Anthia Koullouros Naturopathic Health Devotees and Enthusiasts committed to improving health as a collective through simple, positive and powerful changes.



I choose Health, Every day. Not because I should, but because I Love it and it Feels Good.

I choose what’s Simple, Delicious, Honest and True.

I choose to feel Energetic, Excited, Curious and Educated.

I choose Remedies from Nature and Food as Medicine.

I choose Old-School Wisdom for Modern People.

I choose Non-Toxic Body, Home and Lifestyle Products.

I choose Whole, Organic Ingredients.

I choose Ethical Farming.

I choose to Support Local Producers.

I choose Seasonal Eating.

I choose Cultural Cuisine.

I choose to Sidestep Gimmicks, Dietary and Wellness Fads.

I choose Food Cooked, and Shared, with Love.

These choices Positively Change my Mind & Body, and the World.

I seek to Know the Why of How I Feel and Believe it is Possible to Heal Myself.

I Allow my Joy and Love to come through.


1. Livelihood

To be excellent means you must be an artist. Words by Seth Godin, his take on Tom Peters  – Excellence!

“Excellence means that you’re indispensable. At least right now, in this moment, there’s no one else I would choose but you. You, the excellent one, are so surprising, so delightful, so over-the-top and, yes, so human that there really isn’t anyone else I’d rather dance with. The “in the moment” nature of excellence makes it a moving target. Excellence isn’t about meeting the spec, it’s about setting the spec. It defines what the consumer sees as quality right this minute, and tomorrow, if you’re good, you’ll reset that expectation again.

The surefire way to achieve excellence, then, is not to create a written spec and match it. The surefire way is to be human. To be artistic: to make a connection with the customer and to somehow change them for the better. The art of connection, the art of being human, the art of making a difference. Artists do things that have never been done before. They dig deep to create passion. They connect by changing things for the better. The economy has been better, and the economy has been worse. Through it all, the market seeks out, recognizes, and embraces artists, people we can’t live without. That’s our opportunity right now.

To be excellent means you must be an artist”.


2. Creativity

One purpose of Art is to preserve moments – a day in the park, moving clouds or a sunset. Nothing beats the real thing but there is something beautiful about capturing a moment with art and viewing the artist’s interpretation of that moment. Take a moment, a brief period of time, to sit in front of a painting and just be in that moment of a moment. Unplug from the mind and sync into creativity, the voice of the heart.


3. Heart & Soul

The final frontier for lasting healing is love. Allow love, light, soul, spirit, universe, god whatever you like to call it…work through you. You are already plugged in. Liberate yourself from disease by allowing love and by being in love with yourself and others. Love words to inspire – Light, Soul, Instincts, Intuition, Knowing, Allowing, Passion, Synchronicity, Empathy, Purpose, Joy, Comfort, Liberating, All Encompassing, Considerate, Compassion, Go With Life, Magnificence, Faith, Hope, Clarity, Supported, Gentleness, Gratitude, Fearless, Loving Self Care, Trusting, Being Who You Truly Are, Inner Guidance, Freedom, Powerful, Unconditional, Acceptance, Courage, Empathy, Imperfection, Belonging, Vulnerability, Lionhearted, Grace, Walking Through Life Without Naming….


4. Mind & Body

Are you Skin Hungry? Skin hunger is a term used for a deep, deep longing for touch. Our bodies are made to provide and respond to skin comfort. Oxytocin, a hormone produced when we make skin to skin contact, relieves stress. A gentle touch, a stroke, holding hands or a hug produces plenty of oxytocin giving the feeling of comfort, warmth, safety and love to each other.

5. Food

Medicinal Mushrooms seem to be the trend of 2018 but as a young naturopathic student, mushrooms were a staple in our therapeutic medicine cabinet. Shitake and Reishi are a couple of old friends. Like Kale and Kombucha, Bone stock and Kim chi, I think Mushrooms are here to stay in the mainstream, at least for a while. Check out what Fast Company have to say here  and Michael Pollan’s new book How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence.

6. Environment

Most of us purchase single-use items due to convenience but these non biodegradable plastic packaging play havoc on our environment and ultimately our health.

Try and avoid these everyday, single-use items and replace with the following:

  1. Plastic Water Bottles – Use glass bottles instead.
  2. Single Serve Coffee Pods – Make your own. Buy fresh beans, grind and steep in a plunger and take with you in a glass, stainless steel or ceramic cup.
  3. Coffee Cups – Make your own as above or carry a mug with lid.
  4. Plastic Bags – Keep a reusable bag in your car and handbag.
  5. Plastic straws – Simply drink out of a glass.
  6. Disposable utensils – They’re ok if made out of bamboo but better still, carry your own if you are eating out regularly.
  7. Single use condiments such as butter, jam, wasabi, soy sauce etc – Ask for a serving on a plate.

Are there any other single-use items you can replace?

7. Home

Is it true that a tidy home can spark joy in your life? Marie Kondo, the best-selling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy, believes it can. Her books have became world best sellers and now Marie can help you tidy up your home, in your own home, through video. Check this link out  (We are not sponsored to promote Marie or Udemy. We just love this offering).