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NO:01 The O Health Declaration Monthly Newsletter April 2018

5th April 2018
Anthia Koullouros

THANK YOU FOR JOINING a growing number of Ovvio Organic / Anthia Koullouros Naturopathic Health Devotees and Enthusiasts committed to improving health as a collective through simple, positive and powerful changes.



I choose Health, Every day. Not because I should, but because I Love it and it Feels Good.

I choose what’s Simple, Delicious, Honest and True.

I choose to feel Energetic, Excited, Curious and Educated.

I choose Remedies from Nature and Food as Medicine.

I choose Old-School Wisdom for Modern People.

I choose Non-Toxic Body, Home and Lifestyle Products.

I choose Whole, Organic Ingredients.

I choose Ethical Farming.

I choose to Support Local Producers.

I choose Seasonal Eating.

I choose Cultural Cuisine.

I choose to Sidestep Gimmicks, Dietary and Wellness Fads.

I choose Food Cooked, and Shared, with Love.

These choices Positively Change my Mind & Body, and the World.

I seek to Know the Why of How I Feel and Believe it is Possible to Heal Myself.

I Allow my Joy and Love to come through.


1. Livelihood.

We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling, that dread of going back to work after a weekend of relaxation, fun and connection with loved ones (including yourself). Is this not a call for change? Why are you dreading work? The answer is obvious…right? A better question is… why don’t we listen to the call for change? Fears, anxiety and limiting beliefs are keeping us stuck. “If I leave an unfulfilling job or career then I will be on the poverty line”. “I won’t find another job”. “I don’t know what to do”. “To gain is to sacrifice so I should just do it”. “To gain is to suffer so I should just get on with it”. “I should just suck it up for my family”. Do any of these sound familiar? The problem with ignoring yourself, your true self, your core desired feelings is that you are ignoring the incredible and unique stuff YOU can offer the world. Something that harmonises with your heart’s or soul’s purpose is what the world truly needs. Are you a teacher, a tradesperson, a business owner, a gardener, a packer, a receptionist? Its doesn’t matter what you do for a job, it’s how you feel in it. Get clear about what you are dreading. Is it the work itself, the work environment, the business purpose or the people you work with? Are they aligned with YOUR desires? We feel great on the weekend because we are connecting to what brings us JOY. When we don’t listen to our desires we can end up feeling stressed, angry, make poor choices and sometimes develop disease. According to Alain de Botton, the modern philosopher, “We should not keep our Sunday evening feelings simply for Sunday evenings. We should place these feelings at the center of our lives and let them be the catalysts for a sustained exploration that continues throughout the week, over months and probably years, and that generates conversations with ourselves, with friends, mentors and with professionals.” Decode the Sunday feeling. Watch this

2. Creativity.

Create space, make time, let go, drop in and draw. Drawing can be used as a tool to help express emotions and reveal something deeper within us. Drawing can allow our creativity to run wild. Drawing can be meditative. Drawing helps us slow down. Drawing can be fun (just watch children draw). Drawing can teach us to see detail. Though for some, drawing can be stressful especially if we feel we can’t draw. Start with a blank piece of paper. Take a pencil and start free drawing or doodling. Don’t over think it. You never know. It might be your thing. You may wish to buy a blank page notebook and draw or doodle each day much like keeping a written diary. Create the space to draw. Carving out a little corner nook in your home office or study, lounge room, dining room or garage inspires a creative sanctuary. Check out this book on how to carve out a creative space – Studio : Creative Spaces for Creative People by Sally Coulthard Or join a class. On the first Saturday of each month, at The Art Gallery Of NSW, you can Drop In & Draw to celebrate the Gallery’s collection by sketching it. It’s free, it’s for all ages, first timers or experienced artists.  Materials are also provided. Find out more here.

3. Heart & Soul.

You know those books you pick up and you just can’t put down until you complete it within a day. Well this is one of them. This truly inspirational memoir about Anita Moorjani is about her fight with cancer for almost four years. Her body was overwhelmed by malignant cells spreading throughout her system, began shutting down. As her organs failed, she entered into an extraordinary near-death experience where she realized her inherent worth . . . and the actual cause of her disease. Upon regaining consciousness, Anita found that her condition had improved so rapidly that she was able to be released from the hospital within weeks . . . without a trace of cancer in her body!  This book is for people with cancer, fear cancer, suffer from a chronic disease or experience emotional anguish. Watch the Ted Talk here

4. Mind & Body.

Sometimes we need to break things down, let go, shake off the shackles, declutter, tidy, organise, consolidate, clarify, minimalise, remove, complete, end or streamline in order to shine bright, heal, grow, expand, evolve, connect and be LOVE & JOY.

5. Food.

The kitchen cupboard or pantry is the place where we source our food and find inspiration to create delicious and wholesome meals. After all the kitchen and everything in it is the heart of the home and the home of nutrition and health. Start with a declutter in order to make room for foods that you love. Then organise, by placing like minded items together for easy access and inventory assessment.  From here it will be easy for you to keep tidy and you’ll continue to feel inspired to self care and self love.

6. Environment.

Microbeads are made from synthetic plastics including polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate, polypropylene, polyamide, polyesters, polystyrene and polyvinyl chloride. They are used within a variety of personal care products for deep cleansing, brightening and smoothing. They include exfoliators, scrubs, face and body washes, masks and toothpaste. The problem is this. At Middle Harbour, in Sydney scientists discovered 60 to 100 particles of plastic micro-debris in 100 millilitres of sediment – among the highest levels recorded in the world. The sediment can be ingested by worms that are consumed by fish and we eat the fish. In Australia, 80 per cent of relevant mainstream manufacturers have stopped using microbeads. The remaining 20 per cent have committed to do so by mid-2018. Be vigilant. Plastics affect hormone levels of all living things, fertility, genetics so on, and so on.

7. Home.

I sometimes hear people say that pretty things are frivolous distractions that take away from the serious, realities of life. I hear people say that pretty things aren’t necessary and not practical. I believe that Pretty Things do much more than we realise – they bring us cheer and harmony and bring relief during difficult times (a bunch of flowers are well received during times of illness), they draw our attention to detail we would not normally see. In nature, pretty things create symbiotic relationships – pretty flowers attract bees to make honey. Pretty things are created by generous and skilled artists who appreciate the importance and value of pretty things. A hand painted tea cup serves more than just a vessel for tea. It not only looks pleasing on the eye, it makes us feel good.  But sometimes, pretty things are just skin deep. A beautifully packaged candle may look pretty but might be created from toxic paraffin wax and synthetic fragrances. Pretty flowers might be grown with toxic weedicides and fertilisers destroying our earth’s soil. Beautifully presented food with pretty flowers might be made from processed ingredients. Add some considered prettiness to your home with a bunch of freshly cut garden flowers, herbs or greenery and place in an attractive vase; hang pieces of art work; display a collection of pretty objects made from glass or ceramic; add pretty soft cushions and throws made from natural and soft linens, cotton and wool; and play beautiful music.