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Justin North – Ovvio Tea Ambassador No: 1

25th June 2015
Anthia Koullouros

A number of my good friends have very kindly agreed to be Ovvio Tea Ambassadors. They have been great friends of the business and lovers of Ovvio Tea since their first introduction. They are just a few of the people who have supported my journey. They inspire me to be the best in my field as they are the best in theirs. We officially revealed them last week at our Winter Tea Collection and Ambassador Party. Over the next couple of months we will learn more about each ambassador with an insightful Q & A.


  • TIM BROWN, one of Australia’s best meditation teachers. We blend his Ayurvedic teas;
  • GEORGE RAFTOPOULOS, a brilliant Australian artist who has a passion from my Pure – ify tea;
  • KATE KENDALL, owner of Flowathletic, a genuine, sincere and all round beautiful human being;
  • MICHAEL CHEIKA, coach of the Waratahs and Wallabies. he inspires me at every game! go the Tahs! we always need a good cup of tea and a lie down after each match;
  • JOSEPH TAWADROS. Aria winning oud player – musical wizard;
  • JULIE GIBBS, changed my life, she said yes to publishing my book I am food;
  • JOHN MCGRATH, my business mentor and buddy;
  • BURGESS BROTHERS, the sweet tea drinking English rugby boys (who also love my cooking);
  • MIKE MCENEARNEY of Kitchen by Mike;
  • MARTIN BOETZ, of The Cooks Co- op; and


But first off the rank is JUSTIN NORTH, my new foodie friend, this extraordinary chef created our paired tea and food menu for our Winter Tea Collection and Ambassador Party on the 16th June. He values where our food comes from.

“Justin North is the executive chef at the Hotel Centennial in Woollahra in Sydney, which opened its doors in April 2014. Renowned for his fine dining flair, the restaurant gives Justin an opportunity to put his spin on some home grown “comfort-food” classics…..Justin is passionate about “ethical eating” and sustainable produce.” *


  1. CAN YOU PLEASE TELL US A LITTLE BIT ABOUT YOURSELF? Kiwi. Chef. Love tea. 2 children 6 & 8. Compete in triathlons. Love amazing ingredients cooked well.
  1. HOW DID YOU BECOME A CHEF? Left school when I was 15 to pursue what I loved – creativity & cooking.
  1. WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING IN AN ALTERNATE LIFE OR CAREER? ALTERNATIVE life – a beach bum – alternative career – Sports scientist or defense barrister
  1. WHO INSPIRES YOU MOST? My kids inspire me to be better, do better, live in the moment and be true to myself.
  1. WHAT DO YOU DREAM ABOUT? Chasing the dream of a perfectly balanced life.
  1. WHAT DO YOU DO TO RELAX AND UNWIND? SPEND time with my kids, run, ride & swim. Enjoy the sun surf & beach.
  1. WHAT IS YOUR FIRST MEMORY OF TEA? My late father dunking ginger nut biscuits into his strong black tea. Relaxing with mum sipping a Lady Grey..
  1. WHEN DID YOU DISCOVER OVVIO? AND WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE TEA? At Centennial, excited to find an amazing local product by passionate beautiful people. I’m not loyal to one Ovvio tea, I love them all and will enjoy wherever my mind/mood takes me.
  2. WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR? Having the opportunity to make a difference.


* excerpt from