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Flow Planet: The Eco-Conscious Fitness Neighbours of Ovvio

6th August 2018
Anthia Koullouros
Words by Ben Lucas, co founder of Flow Athletic Paddington
This is where our founder Anthia Koullouros and some Ovvio Team members choose to train. Ovvio Tea is also served in their new venue Flow Revive and at special Flow events.
“At Flow Athletic we dream of a future where our planet is as healthy and happy as the clients we inspire change in every day. We believe we can not only fuel positive change in the environment through sustainable practises, but that we can be the innovators of change, inspiring our community and industry to go green too. By saying goodbye to single use plastics, working consciously with sustainable suppliers and sourcing materials that lessen carbon emissions, we are paving the way forward in eco-conscious fitness, creating a flow on effect that will lead to a healthier, happier planet for all”.
Targets for 2019.
>> 44K single use plastic water bottles to none.
>> 30K litres of water to 15K litres.
>> 2 tonnes of paper to 1 tonne.
>> 10 megawatts of power to 7 megawatts.
Other inspirational suggestions include:
>> Only use one towel.
>> Have quick showers.
>> Dispose waste mindfully – is it general, recyclable, compostable?
Go team Flow!