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The easiest way to make cold steeped tea

31st January 2019
Anthia Koullouros

There is nothing more refreshing then a cool, iced tea on a hot summer’s day.

Cold steeping with a teabag is a simple and easy alternative to making an iced tea. Iced tea is traditionally made with loose leaf, steeped in a pot of boiling water, strained, refrigerated and then served with ice.

To make a cold steeped tea, simply place your favourite Ovvio Organic Teabag in a water bottle or jug. Steep overnight in the fridge, ready to go in the morning or any time of day. No straining required. No hot water required. One teabag will make 2 -3 cups of cold tea.

Our favourite cold steeped teabags include: Rise & Shine, Paddington, Minty and Peppermint.

More about our biodegradable silk teabags:

Ovvio teabags are a unique, conscious experience. Biodegradable, transparent, delicate plant based mesh bags.

Unlike many tea bags, ours are filled with whole leaf, bark, flowers, fruits, seeds, and twigs, not fannings or dustings as is often the case. We simply bag our premium loose leaf tea. Our way of offering convenience without compromise. All of the elegance and taste of loose leaf tea in the convenience of a silk, biodegradable bag.  Lots of other teabags are made from nylon or bleached paper. Ours are plant fibre based and an important point of difference.