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27th February 2019
Anthia Koullouros

The following herbs & supplements are available through our Naturopathic Clinic. Some will be Practitioner Only and will be noted as so. This means they are only available to Anthia’s exisiting patients and clients.


Andro NK by Metagenics or Immuneforce by Bioceuticals. Dose as directed on bottle **Only available for existing patients of Anthia as they are Practitioner Only.

Both are in a capsule form. These are Practitioner Only versions of the over counter Armaforce.  Prescribed on the first couple of days, so best keep on hand as a first aid treatment.


Zinc piccolinate by Thorne 25mg capsules: Dose: as directed on bottle.

Metazinc by Metagenics capsules. Dose as directed on bottle **Only available for existing patients of Anthia as they are Practitioner Only.

Zinc deficiency can affect the healthy functioning of cells necessary for normal immune function, particularly the T lymphocytes which require zinc for numerous processes. This can lead to reduced antibody production and compromised cellular function of the innate immune system, including alteration of natural killer cell activity, phagocytosis and the generation of oxidative burst. These alterations are considered to be important contributors to increased susceptibility to infections.

Rejuvenate C Elixir Powder by Ovvio Organics (only available in store with a prescription : It contains Rosehip powder, Kakadu plum powder and Blackcurrant powder – the richest natural source of Vitamin C on the planet. Dose: 1 teaspoon 2 per day in water.

Betamax By Biomedica Powder Dose: as directed on bottle. **Only available for existing patients of Anthia as they are Practitioner Only.

C-Ultrascorb by Metagenics capsules. Dose: as directed on bottle. **Only available for existing patients of Anthia as they are Practitioner Only.

Vitamin C concentrations rapidly decline during infections such as the common cold, indicating the important role that vitamin C plays in resistance to infection. Vitamin C has been shown to enhance leukocyte motility, neutrophil chemotaxis, T-lymphocyte proliferation and improve antimicrobial and natural killer cell activity.

ACUTE RELIEF HERBAL TONIC LIQUIDS  **Only available for existing patients of Anthia as they are Practitioner Only.
Natural antibiotic/antiseptic: Manuka herb, Echinacea root, Olive leaf, Garlic, Thyme leaf, Sage leaf, Myrrh resin, Skullcap root, Albizzia bark and/or Andrographis herb, Goldenseal.

Hay fever/allergies associated with a common cold: Albizzia bark, Calendula flower, Thyme leaf, Echinacea root, Elderflower and/or Eyebright herb.

Sore throat: Myrrh resin, Manuka herb, Licorice root, Marshmallow root, Thyme leaf and/or Wild cherry bark.

Wet, congested cough: Elecampane root, White horehound herb and/or Caraway seed.

Dry, irritable and exhausting cough: Wild cherry bark, Thyme leaf, Licorice root and/or Marshmallow root.

Fever: Peppermint leaf, Yarrow flower, Elderflower, Manuka herb, Sage leaf, Echinacea root.

Chest Infection: Echinacea root, Manuka herb, Olive leaf and /or Adhatoda leaves.

Mucous Congestion: Eyebright herb, Golden rod herb and/or Elderflower.


No: 83 Winter Olive Organic Tea By Ovvio: general immunity and specific for fever.

No: 31 Marshmallow Soothe Organic Tea: for sore throat and cough.

No: 30 C Strength Citrus Organic Tea:  Everyday we get asked for vitamin C and since we don’t believe in synthetic supplements we created a tea rich in C which also has other benefits for your immune system. Excellent adrenal tea as well.

No: 12 Rise & Shine Organic Tea:  for sore throat and cough and an all round pick me.

No: 24 Cinnamon Ginger Soul Organic Tea:  For a cold constitution, poor circulation, thin mucous.

Wet cough and mucous: a hot infusion of ginger root and cinnamon bark will help break up mucous, reduce inflammation and reduce infection. Simply steep 1-2 teaspoons of No: 24 Cinnamon Ginger Soul Organic Tea per cup of boiled water for 3-5 minutes. Strain and drink 1 cup 3 times per day. A mug of chicken broth with fresh turmeric root, garlic and ginger root and plenty of lemon juice will also relieve symptoms.

Dry Cough and Irritated Cough: a spoonful of Manuka honey in a cup of No: 31 Marshmallow Soothe Organic Tea. Simply steep 1-2 teaspoons per cup of boiled water for 3-5 minutes. Strain and drink 1 cup 3 times per day.

Fever: A cooling hydrating drink made with a cold infusion of No: 83 Winter Olive Organic Tea By Ovvio. Steep 4 teaspoons in 1 litre of boiled water for 3-5 minutes. Strain and cool tea in the fridge. Drink up to 1 litre per day.


Rest, stay warm with a water bottle, early to bed, hydrate with warming broths, herbal infusions and water, sniff on a tissue or hanky of anti-bacterial essential oils such as lavender and eucalyptus.

Find relief with a steam inhalation: Bring 4 cups of water to the boil in a pot on the stove. Add a bunch of fresh thyme, rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon myrtle and peppermint leaves to the water and steep for 3-5 minutes. You can also use 2 drops each of rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon myrtle and peppermint essential oils or the a tablespoon each of the dried herbs. Pour the fragrant herb water mixture into a large bowl on a sturdy table. Place your head at least 30cm above the bowl and cover your head and the bowl with a towel. Ensure you keep your eyes closed and that you maintain this distance from the bowl. Take long deep breathes for 2 minutes or longer through the nose.


Garlic: Early evidence suggests garlic may help prevent colds. In one study, people took either garlic supplements or placebo for 12 weeks during “cold season” between November and February. Those who took garlic had fewer colds than those who took the placebo. Plus, when they did get a cold, the people taking garlic saw their symptoms improve faster than those taking placebo. The effective dose is 2 – 4 grams per day of fresh, minced organic garlic cloves (each clove is approximately 1 gram). Half for kids.

Kiwi fruit: Richer in vitamin C than citrus fruit, vitamin C concentrations in the plasma and white blood cells rapidly decline during infections and stress. Supplementation of vitamin C was found to improve components of the human immune system such as antimicrobial and natural killer cell activities and lymphocyte proliferation. Trials document that adequate intakes of vitamin C ameliorate symptoms and shorten the duration of respiratory tract infections including the common cold.

Celtic sea salt water gargle: Made from half to a quarter of a teaspoon of salt dissolved in a glass of warm water. Good quality salt is anti-catarrhal (anti-mucus), a natural anti-histamine, effective for dry coughs, contains many electrolytes and is fortifying for the immune system.

Chili: Traditionally used in herbal medicine to improve blood flow and flush out the tissues of toxins and impurities. It warms the constitution. Use fresh or dried in foods, broths, soups, juices or a sprinkling of the dried flakes in a herbal infusion.

Ginger: Traditionally used in herbal medicine as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory indicated for pain, congestion, nausea and warming to a cold constitution. Use fresh or dried in cooking, in a salad dressing, smoothie, poached fruit or as a hot tea infusion with Manuka honey and lemon juice.

Cinnamon: Traditionally used in herbal medicine to eliminate excess mucous and for fighting infections and inflammation of the respiratory tract. Relieves the symptoms of a common cold, cough and sinusitis and warming to a cold constitution. Choose True Cinnamon, botanical name Cinnamon verum. Buy organic as non-organic cinnamon is irradiated and can lose its medicinal properties.


Cold & Flu Shot


1 tsp ginger freshly grated

1 garlic clove, freshly crushed

½ tsp cinnamon powder

½ lemon squeezed

1 tsp raw Manuka honey

50 ml Kombucha or filtered water as a base

15mls Olive leaf extract

Method: Combine all ingredients together in a glass and drink immediately.

A Tonifying Juice


2/3 vegetables of choice e.g. carrot, beetroot, cucumber, celery, zucchini

1/3 fruit of choice e.g. citrus, berries, papaya, paw paw, pear, pineapple

Fresh herbs, a handful e.g. mint, basil, coriander, parsley

Spring or filtered water

½ teaspoon organic spirulina powder

15mls Olive leaf extract

Method: Blend juice and enjoy!

Chicken soup : is a wives tale with substance! It may help to relieve cold symptoms by acting as an anti-inflammatory, inhibiting the movement of neutrophils (immune system cells that participate in the body’s inflammatory response). It also temporarily speeds up the movement of mucus, possibly helping to relieve congestion and limiting the amount of time viruses are in contact with the nose lining. It is also high in absorbable minerals for supporting recovery, is a digestive aid and is rich in love and care (especially if your mother made it!).

Clear broth: This can be made with a fresh or thawed home made frozen bone stock and the addition of a few simple ingredients. A cup of broth as an appetiser before meals warms the digestive system. A clear broth is an excellent remedy for colds and flu, especially with the addition of lemon, garlic and some freshly grated ginger root. The addition of fresh or dried thyme and sage soothes a sore throat.

2 cups (500 ml) fresh or thawed frozen bone stock

1 clove garlic, crushed

2 spring onions or 1 small bunch chives, thinly sliced

Handful of flat-leaf parsley or coriander leaves, finely chopped

Fennel leaf tops from 1 fennel bulb, thinly sliced

Juice of 1 lemon

Natural salt and freshly cracked pepper

Method: Heat up the stock and garlic in a saucepan, then pour into a bowl and serve with the spring onion or chives, chopped herbs and fennel leaf. Finish with a good squeeze of lemon juice for sharpness and freshness and season to taste with salt and pepper. To turn a clear broth into a main meal, add your choice of chopped meat and vegetables. If you are not adding any meat, drop whole eggs into the broth – they will poach beautifully in the hot soup. Serve while the egg yolks are still soft. Tip: The addition of dried seaweed to a clear broth adds more nutrition, such as iodine, and intensifies the flavours. Simply cut kombu or kelp, dulse, wakame or and nori into pieces with kitchen scissors and stir into the broth until softened.


Address gut function as imbalanced microflora affect 60% of your immune system health.

Eliminate other causes of immune system compromise e.g. Candida, parasites, allergies, never well since glandular fever.

Keep your energy moving and avoid stagnation by exercising & dry brushing. The lymphatic system, which does not have it own circulatory pump, relies on the circulatory system to pump immune cells to and from lymph nodes.

Vitamin D: Get out of your dark, air conditioned office and take a walk in the sun and fresh air daily at midday. Midday sun (UVB) is where we get our sun dose of Vitamin D. Even if is 15 minutes worth or less with fair skin.

Rest & create a healthy rhythm: Reflect, be & quieten as nature does. Wind down earlier & wake with the sun. This is how the mind and body restores itself.

Implement a quarterly Seasonal Cleanse, which will strengthen the immune system