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Our mission is simple.

To provide honest, natural and considerate remedies that don’t hurt the earth.

To make healthy living the new normal – and prove it can be beautiful and delicious, too.

To bring good health to the world, starting with you.


Why? Good health is everything.

Ovvio is here to remind you of what you already know.
That good health is the ticket to a spectacular existence – getting there should be simple, instinctual, beautiful, natural.
That your body deserves the best; fill yourself with goodness and watch your cup overflow.
We’re here to chime in that life’s too short for ill health and a mediocre existence.
That cultivating wellbeing creates freedom – something we can all aspire to.
And what heals you, heals the world……naturally…
There’s no great secret; it’s obvious, it’s natural. It’s Ovvio.
Ovvio means “obvious, naturally or of course” in Italian.


A well steeped history.

Anthia began consulting in 1994 and after ten years of clinical experience, opened Ovvio The Organic Health & Lifestyle Store and Naturopathic Clinic. A quaint Paddington terrace reminiscent of old-fashioned apothecaries and teahouses, Ovvio reclaimed the rich history of Naturopathy. From this space, Anthia was inspired to create her own brand of hand-blended, organic teas and herb & spices.

Ovvio teas, herbs & spices are lovingly created through the knowledge, passion and experience of renowned naturopath and herbalist Anthia Koullouros. Each blend contains only the finest flowers, fruits, seeds, barks, twigs, pods and leaves blended with love and respect for humankind, flora and fauna. Every mouthful offers a pure and delicious remedy for health and happiness.