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10 Different Styles of Chai Teas

24th April 2019
Anthia Koullouros
  1. Loose Leaf Chai Tea – Made from loose leaf black tea & aromatic spices such as cinnamon, cardamon, clove, fennel, aniseed & pepper. This is what Ovvio specialises in. Find out more here The traditionalists prefer this, simmered in milk or water.
  2. Sticky Chai Tea – Honey blended with loose leaf Chai tea. The honey acts as a natural sweetener & preservative.
  3. Instant Chai Tea Powder – Most are made from processed ingredients such as sugar, glucose syrup solids, vegetable oil, maltodextrin, flavours, instant tea, sodium casemate mineral salts (340, 451, 452), emulsifiers (471, 481, soy lecithin), salt, anticaking agent (551).⠀⠀⠀
  4. Caffeine Free Chai Tea – Herbals such as Rooibos & Dandelion are used instead of black tea as a base. Ovvio makes an organic Dandy Chai & a Wattleseed Chai.⠀⠀
  5. Fortified Chai Tea – Herbal immune adaptogens, anti-inflammatories & antioxidants are added to enhance the flavour & therapy of Chai. These include Turmeric & medicinal Mushrooms. Look out for processed ingredients and avoid those which are not organic.
  6. Chai Tea Concentrate & Syrup – Chai liquids sweetened and flavoured naturally or artificially. A quick pour into frothed hot milk gives you an instant Chai latte. They’re also used to flavour sodas, smoothies, frappes, milkshakes & desserts. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
  7. Dirty Chai Tea – A Chai tea infused with espresso coffee for an extra hit of caffeine.
  8. Flavoured Chai Tea – The most popular kinds are chocolate, mango, banana, vanilla & caramel. The varieties are endless. Artificial & natural identical flavours are used with the addition of an artificial or natural sweetener. Ovvio makes a delicious organic Chocolat Chai Powder with coconut sugar.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
  9. Organic Chai Tea – Only organic ingredients are used to make a Chai blend, grown free of chemicals & not irradiated. This is what Ovvio specialises in. Find out more here
  10. Chai Teabag – Broken loose leaf Chai in a teabag made from bleached or unbleached paper, cotton, nylon silk or biodegradable silk (Ovvio). Watch out for poor quality black tea or fanning – the lowest grade of black tea also known as ‘dust”.